is Hotelier’s newest exclusive website that promises to be the most comprehensive hotel industry buyer’s guide featuring key resources and a definitive list of suppliers, manufacturers and all related businesses to the hotel industry. This is the only purchasing site you’ll ever need!

All product and company listings are included in our searchable database, to provide our online audience of Canadian hotel industry professionals with everything they need to source products and services — simply, efficiently and with ease. Not only will hotel operators be able to source all their product and service needs at their fingertips, but they’ll be able to view:

  • A company’s brochures and catalogues
  • Print special coupons and rebate offers
  • Watch video demos of various food and equipment products
  • Ask experts in the field product knowledge questions

And, then, when they’re ready to purchase, we can direct them right back to the supplier’s website so they can place their order. No need to follow up with phone calls or emails or payment plans. Operators will be able to do it all, at the click of a mouse, simply by visiting the industry’s premier shopping address —

The buyers’ guide is also available in print. (Contact us for print rates)

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